Car Parking in Passau

For guests traveling to the hotel by car there is a variety of car parking facilities. You’ll find lots of safe, reasonably-priced parking within walking distance of Hotel Weisser Hase in Passau.

  • onsite underground garage with CCTV
  • car park ‘Zentralgarage’ with 920 parking spaces – only 200 meters away from Hotel Weisser Hase
  • a few parking spaces in Heiliggeistgasse (free of charge between 7pm and 9am)
  • 2 car parks for coaches within walking distance of Hotel Weisser Hase

On-site parking at Hotel Weisser Hase

During your stay, you can park in our underground car park which has CCTV. You’ll be able to take the lift straight to your room.

  • Car: 12 Euro/night
  • Motorcycle: 6 Euro/night

When you arrive, please park directly in front of the hotel entrance in Heiliggeistgasse 1, 94032 Passau, Germany and check in at the reception. Parking spaces in our underground garage are subject to availability upon arrival – it is not possible to make a reservation for parking spaces as there are more than 1000 parking spaces within walking distance of the hotel.

Carpark ‘Zentralgarage’ – Nikolastraße, Passau

If our underground car park is already full, you can park 200 meters away in the ‘Zentralgarage’ next to the Shell petrol station in Nikolastraße 4, the street parallel to the hotel.

  • 12 € / 24 hours
  • max. height 2 meters
  • 920 parking spaces

Parking during your bike trip or Danube river cruise

Are you beginning a cycle tour in Passau, or going on a cruise? The ‘Zentralgarage’, which is very close to the hotel, offers discounted tickets for parking for the week. Important: You need to buy the ticket for 1, 2 or 3 weeks’ parking in the Shell petrol station BEFORE you enter the ‘Zentralgarage’. The Shell petrol station is in Nikolastraße, right next to the carpark entrance. Otherwise you will have to pay the normal price which is significantly higher! Prices in Dec. 2015:

  • € 40 for 1 week
  • € 70 for 2 weeks
  • € 90 for 3 weeks

Coach parking in Passau

Set down and pick up your passengers at the main entrance of Weisser Hase Hotel located in the heart of Passau. There are two coach parking facilites within walking distance of Hotel Weisser Hase:

  • Coach Parking Bahnhofstraße
  • Coach Parking Fritz-Schäffer-Promenade