Art Collection at Hotel Weisser Hase

The Hotel Weisser Hase is home to the largest collection of renowned east Bavarian artist Otto Sammer’s work. The paintings and other works of art, which characterise the hotel, offer guests an imitable view of Passau. In the bedrooms, you will mostly find scenes of Passau – the cathedral, the three rivers and other areas of the city, which will give you a completely different perspective of the ‘city of three rivers’.

Hotel Weisser Hase: Paintings by Otto Sammer

Otto Sammer: The artist

One of the fundamental characteristics of Sammer’s oeuvre is the fact that he was not limited to one particular style or medium. As he was always on the move, he was open to new currents which he interpreted with his own creative touch. He found inspiration on numerous trips abroad as well as, of course, in Passau. Sammer’s versatility can be seen not only in his choice of subjects but also in his choice of techniques. In addition to his natural scenes, his work became increasingly abstract under the influence of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. The different phases of his artistic development can be seen in the Hotel Weisser Hase’s collection. A lot of Sammer’s work is inspired by Tachism, from the French ‘tache’, meaning ‘splash’, a style characterised by an eruption of amorphous splashes of colour which emerged in the 1940s. In the spirit of Tachism, although motifs can be recognised in the composition of images, the impression of fragmentation resulting from subconscious creation cannot be escaped.